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Food Technology is the science, engineering and business management of food. It is the application of food science to the practical treatment of food materials so as to convert them into food products of quality and stability, packaged and distributed to meet the needs of consumers for safe, wholesome, nutritious and attractive foods.
As science, it is the systematic body of knowledge and understanding of the nature and composition, structure and properties of food materials and their behavior under the various conditions to which they may be subjected. As engineering it is the application of scientific principles to realistic ends such as design, construction and operation of efficient and economic structures, equipment and systems. As business management it is the handling and quality management of a commercial volume of products.
The challenge for food technologists today is to acquire good knowledge in the area of food science, food microbiology, food engineering, food quality and safety, and nutrition.

Background of NCFST

National College of Food Science and Technology (NCFST), established in 2007 AD, is one of the first few colleges to be granted affiliation by Tribhuvan University for B. Tech (Food) program. This ..

Our core values

A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school. We believe in commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence. By commitment we mean that everyone shows l..

Message from principal

Dear parents/guardians and well wishers,Greetings to everyone ! with great pride, I want to inform you that Creative Academy celebrated its 10th year in 2070 B.S. and it was a memorable occasion for a..
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Upcoming Events

8 Magh
sarswati Puja
8 Magh 2074 12:00 AM to 8 Magh 2074 11:59 PM
13 Magh
Result distribution/PTM
13 Magh 2074 12:00 AM to 13 Magh 2074 11:59 PM
14 Magh
14 Magh 2074 12:00 AM to 14 Magh 2074 11:59 PM
16 Magh
Martyrs Day
16 Magh 2074 12:00 AM to 16 Magh 2074 11:59 PM
21 Magh
Archery Competition Begins (boys and girls)
21 Magh 2074 12:00 AM to 21 Magh 2074 11:59 PM
26 Magh
Inter House Dance Competition(VI-IX)
26 Magh 2074 12:00 AM to 26 Magh 2074 11:59 PM